1. I have known Riverbend Paranormal a long time, years. Worked many great investigations side by side. Fantastic group! RP is keeping the integrity alive
    Maria Tucker Co-Founder Midwest Paranormal Society
  2. I have been to several events hosted by Riverbend Parnormal. This is a very professional group that on the night you are investigating with them they go out of their way to make you feel you are part of the team! They will share equipment, ideas, tell you of places in their area for your team to investigate and talk shop all the time.. After my first trip to Alton and met these guys we have stayed in touch and I am proud to call them friends!!! Happy Holidays to all of you!!!
    Teri Mosby
  3. I have met the best of my friends thru this team! I enjoy working with each of them. Past and Present!
    Brian Murray
  4. i can personally tell you that brian, matt, and erin are the most professional and ethical team around my wife and i are part of a new team and will emulate their exact practices because they make sure everyone has a great time. you cant go wrong with Riverbend
    William Whitehead
  5. From the beginning to present this has been an amazing experience I have shared with some really amazing people. Its taken a while but with the help of my friends and fellow RP investigators I am finally getting answers to issues I have coped with my entire life. Thank you Riverbend Paranormal!
    Matt Pace
  6. Had a blast last night. Cannot wait to do it again.
    Christine Woods White
  7. Great group of people! Very talented and interesting.
    Dilen Jenkins
  8. This group is amazing!
    Heather Young
  9. Like this group! They are awesome!!!
    Sara Bruns Darr
  10. I know I'm a member of the team, but I just wanted to say that I love my parafamily. I work with the greatest group of people. xoxo
    Erin Goebel