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Brian ~ Co-Founder 


I spent 8 and a half years in the Marine Corps. I have been studying the paranormal since I was 16. If you have any questions for me just ask.

Matt ~ Co-Founder

Co-Founder of Riverbend Paranormal. I am 34 years old. I have been involved in the paranormal ever since age 10 when I lived in a house that had activity that could not be explained. At that time I used to always go to library at school and check out books on the subject. About age 17 myself and the co-founder of RP Brian witnessed an apparition at a friends ome. From that point we knew that the paranormal is real and have been researching ever since. I do believe alot of things have a resonable explanation so I remain a sceptic on some topics.


My name is Erin. Im 25, mom of 2 wonderful little ones. I am a photographer, website designer, graphic desiner, and all around go getter!! I love being in this group and going on investigations.


Case manager for Riverbend Paranormal - I love our team!



I am 33 years of age, I enjoy searching for paranormal activity and helping people understand what is happennig so they can feel more at ease in their homes or place of business. I myself have had many experiances with the paranormal that I could not explain, which is the reason for my interest in trying find answers to what is out there. Granted sometimes what you find is logical explanations do to your surroundings. I also enjoy music, and playing music. I have two duaghters that I love spending time with. Anyway this is just a little something about myself, I will say that I am truly dedicated to my work in the paranormal field, and I will always do my best to deliver honest and accurate information for our clients.


My wife carrie and i live in mount olive il. since 2004 and had a little 8 acre farm in staunton before that. we moved after a car accedent left me disabled. i am a graduate of granite city high school and have 2 boys 11 and 13 we just got into this about a year ago by watching the shows ghost hunters and ghost adventurers after that we were hooked on that and started to buy the equipment as we could. i look forward to becoming a member and go on investigations.


Amy and Andy


Sandy Stoppkotte Westwood



Father, husband, baseball nut. Like most others, I'm looking for something, anything about what lies beyond. I believe; I need to know.

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